Movie Star Material


 November 2018  

Movie Star Material

When I get far enough into my novel to learn who my characters are (yes, I’m a pantser – no foreplay, please), I go to the movies! Sometimes, I see the character in my mind, and sometimes not. In either event, I go online and search for a face that fits. This visual aid helps keep the character in mind when I’m writing so it’s easier to describe him or her, especially in my latest WIP, a(n) historical romance set in 1898 Devonshire. I created folders where I saved pictures of late Victorian dress as well as the approximate time when men gave up the mustaches and beards (except for soldiers in remote areas, who were commanded to keep their facial hair).  Between Scottish, Irish, and English movie actors and models and bearded men in old black-and-white photos, I found everyone I needed except for my leading man! I required someone tall, dashingly handsome, witty, gorgeous eyes, flirty, and classy. And speaks French.

I finally found him in Canada!

If you haven’t heard of an absolutely gorgeous Canadian actor named Thomas Beaudoin, check him out in romantic movies like “The Spirit of Christmas” and “The  Trouble with Mistletoe.” This man is so beautiful, it takes your breath away (and he speaks French).  The moment I saw him, I said, “That’s Parker!” All eight people in my critique group – even the two men – said, “That’s Parker!” Knowing how he moved and spoke in real life made the character come to life in my novel. Now, if I could only get a screenplay to his agent! LOL

So, if you’re stuck, go trolling on the net and find someone who inspires you, who adds depth and passion to your character as well as to your writing! If your book were made into a movie, who would be your main star? Your minor characters? Happy hunting!

Thanks for walking through the corridor with me.






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