Tombs of Passage


   August 2019  

Tombs of Passage

In Ireland, you can find many different mounds and standing stone that are actually “passage tombs” consisting of one or more burial chambers covered in earth or with stone, and having a narrow access passage made of large stones. They usually date from the Neolithic Age, and are found largely in Western Europe. A popular one dating to 3200 BC is in Newgrange (photo on left). Passage tombs have also been found in France, Sweden, and other countries.

“The passage itself, in a number of notable instances, is aligned in such a way that the sun shines through the passage, into the chamber, at a significant point in the year, often at sunrise on the winter solstice or at sunset on the equinox. Many later passage tombs were constructed at the tops of hills or mountains, indicating that their builders intended them to be seen from a great distance.” (Wikipedia)

Passage Tombs | Curious Ireland                Craigs Lower Passage Grave Passage Grave : The Megalithic Portal ...

Aside from my Irish ancestry, I found these fascinating. In some instances, they provided “the light at the end of the tunnel” but many contain megalithic art in the form of spirals, suns, and astronomical drawings. I always thought they mirrored the “passing through” of death into life.

I chose my favorite picture to use at the top of my blogs in the fanciful hope that you would join me as we journey from a curious idea down a passage of exploration into the light of knowledge.  Sorry, no artifacts. That “wanting to know more” is what makes us unique, both as writers and as humans. I often think of Caden’s Corridor as a time tunnel from what is into whatever may be.

Yes, there is life after writing. But first, you have to suffer. You have to find the courage to walk into the darkness. You have to die a little. But oh, the joy when you come out the other side into the light with the perfect sentence, a long-awaited answer, or better still, a great idea!




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