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This Historical Romantic Fiction novel takes place in 1898 Devonshire, England, in the midst of the Industrial Revolution and the last days of Victoria.

                Gwell fy mwthyn fy hun na phlas arall.
     “Better my own cottage than the palace of another.”

After her mother’s death by misadventure, all Phoebe wants is a quiet life as a fashion designer—not marriage. But her uncle threatens legal action to take the cottage and land she’s loved since childhood. In order to prevent him from stealing her inheritance, she must find the father she never knew and enter into a marriage of convenience with a Welsh nobleman, James Kensington Parker. She journeys with her new husband to South Africa in the days leading up to a Boer war, struggling to merge a hidden past with an uncertain future amid assassination attempts, betrayal, murder, and a growing attraction to her in-name-only husband, all during the tumult of turn-of-the-century England.

“Caden St. Claire has woven an enthralling tale of suspense,
romance, adventure, and secrets. A must-read.”
Cornelia Amiri — Sci-fi Fantasy/Romance Author of 37 books

“Ellington Hall delivers romance, suspense, family drama, and
excitement. Readers of historical fiction will enjoy this fast-moving
story and cheer for a young Phoebe, an independent woman
ahead of her time!” — Joni M. Fisher – Author of the Compass Crimes Series

“ELLINGTON HALL” (Book One of the Trilogy) available late summer of 2021

“IVYBRIDGE!” (Book Two) available late fall/early winter 2021

“AELWOOD MANOR” (Book Three) available early spring 2022

A woman from Tallahassee wakes up in Athens with trauma-induced amnesia and no idea why men with guns are trying to kill her. Forced to trust a stranger, she struggles toward the truth surrounding her husband’s death while fighting assassins, depersonalization disorder, the FBI, and a growing attraction toward her mysterious captor, until she discovers the awful truth.